The best form of pavement marking is
up to six times better than latex

Thermoplastic striping for road markings is one of the most common types of road markings based on its balance between cost and performance longevity. Heated to approximately 400 degrees, the thermoplastic material consists of pigments, binders and glass beads that form a durable, longer lasting product with nighttime visibility. The striping is brighter and will last four to six times longer than regular latex paint. Striping is a vital part of road paving job, and thermoplastic road markings are the best choice for finishing the project.

I have never been as satisfied with a company as I am with RP Paving Solutions. Mike and his team of professionals were on time every morning ready willing and able to complete each task laid out before them.

Marty Plemmons

Rick Case Auto Mall

Here’s what we’ll do for you…

We walk job with owner and inspector to approve layout of striping

If needed, we handle traffic control with certified flaggers, arrow boards, and proper signage

We mark the road per plans with GDOT approved thermoplastic paint

We ensure all markings are correct and re-open roadway

We have a fleet of the best machinery and an experienced, dedicated crew to get your job done quickly and efficiently with hardly any inconvenience to you and your customers.

Whether it’s a small paint job or an entire city street, we are the ones for the job.

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Want a Quote?

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