Professional asphalt sealcoating,
any place, every time

Your asphalt deserves the best protection available. We offer sealcoating that guarantees your pavement protection from rain, oil, or anything else that might cause damage, leaving your asphalt looking brand new.

We get it done right the first time around

I have never been as satisfied with a company as I am with RP Paving Solutions. Mike and his team of professionals were on time every morning ready willing and able to complete each task laid out before them.

Marty Plemmons

Rick Case Auto Mall

Here’s what we’ll do for you…

We block off the area to be treated with barricades and cones

We treat all areas affected by oil to help ensure proper adhesion

We clean the area to be sealed with blowers and brooms ridding parking lot of dirt and vegetation

We spray or squeegee the lot with a minimum of two coats of liquid coal tar or asphalt emulsion based sealcoat

You must keep area blocked and secure until it dries and we paint back any pavement markings that were there before treatment

We go over completed job with customer to ensure complete satisfaction on the project

RP Paving’s sealcoating services are the best and fastest in the area. We take pride in getting the job done on time while exceeding expectations.

We have a fleet of the best machinery, and an experienced, dedicated crew to get your job done quickly and efficiently with virtually no inconvenience to you or your customers.

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Want a Quote?

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