Rick Case Audi

Duluth, GA


The existing parking lot was deteriorated and needed to be addressed. Rick Case chose the Perma-Pave overlay system to enhance the dealership’s appearance and give them a serviceable and functional lot for years to come.


A brand new parking lot lends to the aesthetics and appearance of the Rick Case Audi dealership in Duluth, GA.

RP Paving was a pleasure to work with. Ryan and the guys went above and beyond to give us a quality job. We will be calling them again.

Marty Plemmons

Manager, Rick Case Audi

Here’s what we did for them…

Rick Case Audi’s 2,5000 sq. ft. parking lot was badly cracked and faded, and we made sure the good folks at Rick Case Audi knew what we were going to do for them before we got to work.  First, we repaired all of the badly damaged asphalt by cutting in and removing the damaged areas. Then we implemented the Perma-Pave asphalt overlay system to give them a brand new lot. The final step was to stripe all pavement markings per their request to ensure proper parking and traffic flow.

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