Need parking lot or street striping? We’ve got you covered!

Most people take the striping lines in a parking lot or street for granted, as long as they’re straight and visible everything works perfectly. We know a lot of thought and consideration goes into painting those lines so we aren’t satisfied until your asphalt project is marked exactly the way you specified. Using a chalked string, we mark all pavement prior to doing any work. This ensures that all lines are straight, parallel, and perfect before we get started.

We get it done right the first time around

I have never been as satisfied with a company as I am with RP Paving Solutions. Mike and his team of professionals were on time every morning ready willing and able to complete each task laid out before them.

Marty Plemmons

Rick Case Auto Mall

Here’s what we’ll do for you…

We block off the area to be striped/painted

We ensure area is clean and ready for paint

We lay out lines and markings with chalk to ensure proper placement

We paint the area per given plan or repaint as-is

We go over job with customer for final completion

RP Paving’s parking lot repair services are the best and fastest in the area. We take pride in getting the job done on time while exceeding expectations.

We have a fleet of the best machinery, and an experienced, dedicated crew to get your job done quickly and efficiently with virtually no inconvenience to you or your customers.

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Want a Quote?

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