Asphalt repairs big and small
are no match for our professionals.

I have never been as satisfied with a company as I am with RP Paving Solutions. Mike and his team of professionals were on time every morning ready willing and able to complete each task laid out before them.

Marty Plemmons

Rick Case Auto Mall

Here’s what we’ll do for you…

Area to be replaced is secured via barricades and cones

Damaged area of asphalt is saw cut with diamond blade and dug out with proper equipment

Rock and any fine grading needed is performed

Area is treated with liquid tack to ensure proper adhesion

Area is paved to proper depth in lifts of 2” or less

New asphalt is roller compacted for proper placement and finish

See Asphalt Paving for more information and services

We have a fleet of the best machinery and an experienced, dedicated crew to get your job done quickly and efficiently with hardly any inconvenience to you and your customers.

Whether it’s a small pothole or an entire parking lot renovation, we are the ones for the job.

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Want a Quote?

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